Full-Hair Fake-Out

Vamp up your fine, thin hair with these volumizing style tips

You may spend countless hours in the gym trying to shed extra pounds, but there is one area of your body where thin is definitely not in — your scalp.

Thin hair looks limp, lifeless and unhealthy. And for nearly half of all women, fine and thinning hair is a problem we have to deal with on a daily basis.

While the only long-term solution is Minoxidil-based treatments, there are styling tricks you can employ to instantly create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Find Your Ideal Length

For those of us with fine, thin hair, long styles are not really an option. The longer your hair gets, the more it weighs itself down, resulting in even thinner, stringy-looking hair. On the other hand, you don’t have to go super-short pixie cut.

A length somewhere between your collarbone and chin is usually most flattering for hair that lacks body. That’s why a style like stacked bob haircut is so often a winning choice for women with fine or thinning hair.

When Layering, Go Long

Layering for thin or fine hair can be a tricky business, so approach with caution. Hidden layers help create the illusion of thicker locks instantly, but short, choppy layers simply don’t work well unless you have the volume to pull them off.

Ask your stylist for long layers and subtle gradation ― just enough to give you lift. And never go for layers in the back ― it will just take away from whatever volume you have.

Don’t Hesitate to Be Blunt

Want to make fine or thinning hair look fuller? Try a straight line across the bottom. Rather than trying to hide the thinness of your hair, a blunt cut with a strong line can create the illusion of volume and uses what volume you have to the greatest advantage.

Avoid Bangs

Lots of women with fine or thin hair are tempted to try bangs … but it’s a strategy that seldom works simply because you are stealing what precious volume you have, and the result is hair that looks even flimsier. A better bet is a side-swept, medium-length look that instantly creates the appearance of fullness toward the front of your head.

Never, Ever, Under Any Circumstances, Perm Your Hair

Perming your hair won’t make it look fuller, it will only accentuate the thinning areas while also doing terrible damage and even making your hair fall out faster.

Whatever style you choose, if you want to actually grow thicker hair, there’s only one way to do it, and that’s by using a Minoxidil-based hair-regrowth treatment.

There are several good, reputable Minoxidil-based treatments for female hair loss, and we encourage you to do your research to choose the product you think is best for you. A good place to start is Scalp Med®’s 2-step hair-regrowth system. It uses the maximum-strength of Minoxidil for women and also features a patented pretreatment formula designed to create an ideal scalp environment for new hair growth.

To learn more about Scalp Med®, including clinical results and the money-back guarantee, click here.

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